2. Education

Project 2- Education

I am feeling a bit emotional as I write about this project. I have just reached $6800 funds raised which means that all of the projects we have been talking about doing over the last few months are possible! This makes me so happy, thank-you for helping me make a difference.

My second project in Kenya will be spending 6 weeks in a primary school in Eldoret, at Great Joy Academy. While I am here I will be assisting the teachers with the children, and helping out with the studies. The Lee Sisters foundation have helped immensely with getting me in touch and all organised with my duties at the school and where I will be living. Looking forward to an authentic Kenyan experience!


One of the head teachers at Great Joy Academy, Daniel, recently sent me through the curriculum for all schools in Kenya and I am very impressed, they’re a lot more detailed than I thought they would be. It makes me so excited that the syllabus is so relatable and I know I can bring my own experiences to the school to share with the students and teachers. Last year I completed my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) in preparation for this trip and so I know I will be able to share some skills and knowledge, although I feel I will learn even more from them.

So many people have been kind enough to donate text books, story books, pens and pencils for the children which is amazing and I am sure the children will be so pleased, as well as the teachers with the extra learning materials. I have so many books that I think I need to work on my muscles just so I can carry them all. I have asked Etihad to kindly consider adding another bag to my flight on the way over, fingers crossed!

I am also hoping to take over some soccer balls for the children when I go. Last time I was there I saw the children kicking around balls of paper and running beside rolling tires. Exercise and team sports are so important and can often help of keep kids away from joining gangs, giving them a much healthier and brighter future. I have contacted Rebel Sport but if anyone out there knows of anyone who can contribute feel free to get in touch.


I cannot wait to meet the bright young children and teachers at Great Joy Academy. Thank-you Lee Sisters foundation!