What is happiness?

What is happiness? Its not just smiling and laughing, although that is a bonus!

Psychologists often define happiness as: A state of comfort and ease, feeling good in the moment.

Well, that sounds a bit bland, why are we pursuing it so hard? In my opinion happiness is fulfillment, and no one can tell you what this is for you. You can’t just chase what is painted by society or the media as the picture of generic happiness, that won’t be at all fulfilling for you. You need to listen to your soul and really find out what makes you happy. To me fulfillment is also having meaning in your life, which according to Psychologist Martin Salagmen  comes from “belonging to and serving something beyond yourself and from developing the best within you.”

Seeking meaning instead of happiness can be much more fulfilling. So how can we all live more meaningfully?


A true belonging filled with love can give you meaning, this is a choice of the genuine relationships you build with others. When you lead with love you create bonds with family and friends and give yourself a deep sense of belonging, leading to meaning in which you can find your happiness.

It is easy to think as well if we have a job that we enjoy then we can be happy, after all, a large portion of your life will be spent at work. My favourite quote used to be, ‘find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life’. I’m sure you would’ve heard it before. Not that easy though, right? That job really needs to MEAN something to you and have a purpose to make you happy. Having a purpose can really make you feel like you are making a difference in this world, even just one person’s world or maybe just your own. Finding your purpose can give your life meaning and help you be happy.

Some people find their meaning and happiness from the feeling of transcendence. This can be in art, writing, exercise, meditation or maybe religion. Something that you really feel, it takes you to another level, you get into a zone and you loose all sense of time and place and forget about the world around you. For some people this is where they find meaning to their life and their happiness.

Without judgement take a minute, look inside yourself, listen to your soul, what is it that makes you happy? No one can hear you right now, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, you don’t need to tell any stories. Just pure honesty, happiness, meaning, purpose and transcendence. What can you relate to? When was the last time you felt like something was shining out of you? What’s your happiness? I challenge you to focus on that, find time for it and chase it if you have to. Our world has become complex and more difficult than it needs to be, take it back to basics, focus on the simple things, the positives and CHOOSE HAPPY, for you!

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