Days for Girls

I first found out about Days for Girls through Sanna from the Lee Sisters Foundation. When we were in Kenya together in 2017 she spent some time in rural schools and villages distributing reusable menstrual kits. Days for Girls employ women around the world to sew kits for girls who lack the resources they need to stay healthy and hygienic during their time of the month. On my trip to Kenya I am to distribute 100 kits to girls in need. Help me raise the funds to purchase these kits for the girls here:

Without something to look after themselves, some girls in Kenya take a week off school and sit in the local river with other girls in the village. This can cause a lots of disease and infection. Girls worldwide suffer indignities, infection, and even exploitation trying to stay in school.

Their vision is to ensure every girl and woman with ready access to feminine hygiene, by 2024. Days for Girls is dedicated to creating a more free, dignified, and educated world, through providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions and health education.  Thus far, Days for Girls has reached over 800,000 women and girls. The global movement can reach them all, with your help.

The work they do and confidence they provide to girls and women worldwide can help them have a much brighter future. The difference they make is priceless.


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