Gathimba Edwards Foundation

The Gathimba Edwards Foundation

The Gathimba Edwards foundation is the key to where I am now. I met Myles, one of the founders of GEF when I was living in London. Myles Edwards and Gideon Gathimba are inspiring athletes with huge hearts, they work tirelessly to make a difference to the lives of many in regional Kenya.  Gideon uses his local contacts to find out about families in need and together they interview and assess different families needs. Each year they provide a huge amount support and new homes with the help of a different group of volunteers. I joined them for the first time in September 2017.

In July 2018 GEF will take another group of volunteers to Iten in Kenya to build 5 home for 5 families in need.  The incredible work they do to make a huge difference in these people’s lives is only possible through donations. Any money raised goes towards the land we need to purchase and the building materials to build the houses.  You can help here: 

Nov 2017

One of the families we are building for (pictured above) currently live in the most cramped conditions we have seen.  Six children and their mother sleep in this mud hut by the side of the road, with an older child, Nicholas (pictured right) sleeping in a similar hut just down the road. They previously lived in the forest but were evicted by the Government and then put on a waiting list for a home. They were 10th on the list but when it came to their turn the local area Chief stole the land and gave it to his son, leaving them to remain in these desperate and dangerous conditions.

The Gathimba Edwards Foundation also help to find sponsors for children to see them fed, sheltered and educated. They have found support for a lot of children, giving them a much brighter future. You can get involved and find out more about their work here:

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