Lee Sisters Foundation

The Lee Sisters Foundation was founded in 2015. Lee Sisters has a vision of helping impoverished children around the world live better lives. Sanna and Satu started the organization after Sanna traveled to Africa in 2013.  Seeing the desperate need for help, the sisters resolved to find a way to make a difference in the lives of children without hope. Their mission is to help children who live in extreme poverty by providing for their basic needs: food, clean water, shelter and education.

I met Sanna Lee when I traveled to Kenya in 2017. It was inspiring to meet someone with so much determination and passion to help people who have had an impact on her. It is hard to travel to such a place and not be touched by what you see first hand. Sanna and her sister Satu have made it a personal mission to make a difference.

The Lee Sisters foundation are working on a few ongoing projects.  They are always looking for sponsors for the children in Tassia slums to provide them with food, shelter, clothing, education and even just basic health needs. Without long term sponsors the Lee Sisters Foundation provide temporary help through donations by providing food and even just soap for the toilets.

A big project that the girls are working on is a new children’s home in partnership with Nandi county.  They are just passed half way in their fundraising target of $20k to buy building materials and land to build the children’s home, kitchen and garden to keep it sustainable. These children lack stability and love in their lives, this will give them shelter, food, care and above all hope. help me help them here: https://www.gofundme.com/chelseasvolunteertripkenya 

Sanna & Winnie

A fantastic way that the Lee Sisters support families in Kenya is by selling bracelets which are hand crafted with love by the women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya.  Each bracelet purchased directly supports the women who make them. By utilizing their craft, the makers are financially empowered and are able to nurture themselves, their children and their communities. They use the funds to purchase food, clothing and pay school fees. By yours here: http://leesisters.org/tied-to-the-cause/


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