3. Sponsor Children

The Gathimba Edawards Foundation work hard to find sponsors for many children in need in Kenya. Once they are sponsored, the GEF team make sure the money goes on the most important things such as school fees, clothing, shelter and sustainable food solutions for their families.

One very important thing about sponsoring children is also having a connection with them and making sure they know there are people out there that care about them. The team at Gathimba Edwards Foundation make sure that children feel loved and have consistent communication with their sponsors. They write letters a minimum 3 times a year together.  The Children are supported in their letter writing and GEF make it a fun task.

gef letters.png

I cannot wait to join the GEF team in Iten in April this year to help the children with writing their letters to the sponsor families. I love their special guidelines for making sure the children enjoy the experience and learn from it.

We will be taking time to sit down with each child one on one and helping them decide what to write and learn some writing skills. I am hoping I can share some of my own experiences and qualifications with them and help them develop their English and writing techniques.

I look forward to hanging out with the kids during their school holidays, teaching them things and playing with them. Sharing the experiences they have will be an incredible insight for me.

The GEF team really make such an effort to have a relationship with each of the children, keeping up to date with their school reports and helping them plan a future which is only possible thanks to sponsors. These kids are amazingly optimistic and driven and can achieve great things, given the support and guidance they need.


If you would like to help make a difference to the life of a child in Kenya you can sponsor them for the equivalent of a gym membership or your daily coffee.


linet    anthony